Product philosophy

My goal is to provide premium, high quality spice products made from the finest natural ingredients. My Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle is made from locally grown jalapenos, and nothing more. Chipotle provides the foundation for the spice blends I’m developing.

For me, it’s all about creating enticing flavour and aroma. I’m not in a “my peppers are hotter than yours” contest. I love the spicy heat, but only to the extent it complements taste. In my opinion, too hot = inedible for a lot of people. For that reason, my focus is flavour over fire.

A note on salt. While I like a good amount of salt in my food, adding salt to rubs and spice blends seems to me to be a way to bulk up the weight with a cheap filler ingredient everybody already has in the pantry. For that reason, I’m working on blends without salt so I can deliver the best flavour to you and you can control the sodium yourself.

Check out our products & ingredients page to see what’s on offer and what’s coming up.

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