Smoked Paprika Rub


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Smoked Paprika Rub is a delicious blend of our Bluewater Pepper Farm Sweet Smoked Paprika, Hot Smokey Chipotle and other quality ingredients, including Huron County garlic from The Garlic Box.  Balanced with kosher salt, dried onion and other spices, this is a complete and versatile seasoning mix.

Use it on any kind of meat – beef, pork, chicken or fish – for an aromatic, smoky flavour.  Whether grilled, or oven roasted, the smoke flavour shines through, giving your food a yummy, crowd-pleasing taste.  Try it in soups and stews too.  It makes an amazing seasoning for stuffed peppers –  add some extra salt to suit your taste.

Use roughly 1 tablespoon for 1 lb of meat.  This rub has a very mild heat level that everyone will enjoy.  For a spicier blend, try our Chipotle Rub or add some Hot Smokey Chipotle.

Origin:  Ontario/ 80 grams (about 8 tbsp)

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gluten free



suitable for vegan diet


Salt, Sweet Smoked Paprika, Hot Smokey Chipotle, garlic powder (from the Garlic Box in Hensall), dried onion, spices


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