Recipes using spices from Bluewater Pepper Farm

baked tortilla chips

Oven Baked Tortilla Chips

Oven baked tortilla chips Choose this healthy alternative to deep fried tortilla chips.  A tiny bit of Bluewater Pepper Farm ...
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Chipotle BBQ seasoning

Chipotle BBQ seasoning Make this simple spice blend to get authentic BBQ flavour without needing a BBQ! Sprinkle on Oven ...
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Chili con carne bowl

Chili con Carne (with Chipotle, of course)

Chili con Carne Chile con carne translates to "Meat with chilies".   With a vague name like that, it's no wonder ...
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Hummus with Chipotle powder

Hummus with Chipotle Make this delicious Middle Eastern dip, using canned chick peas or cook them in minutes in your ...
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