Spice up your vegan burger

Just the other night, I tried this recipe for Black Bean Veggie Burgers and we really enjoyed the result. That was the second attempt at it as in my first attempt the mixture didn’t stick together very well. I ended up adding an egg (not so vegan). However, the flavour was fantastic and I felt it was worth another try.

The recipe calls for 1 tbsp of chili powder. I added 1/2 tsp of my Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle and reduced the chili powder accordingly. I used my own chili powder blend, but you can use any good quality, fresh chili powder.

I prefer Instant Pot beans in place of using canned beans. One cup of cooked black beans is roughly 1/2 cup of dry beans. For dried black beans (pre-soaked), pressure on high for 10 minutes. If not soaked, set for 30 minutes – a bit overcooked is fine for this recipe since you need to mash them up. Either way, use the natural release (wait for the pressure lock on your Instant Pot to drop by itself).

Another tweak is to add a bit of water to the mix if it’s not holding together well. I added maybe 1/4 cup, so save a little cooking liquid (plain water is fine too). When it get to the right consistency, it should stick together nicely.

Cook the quinoa in the Instant Pot too – it’s dead simple. Just rinse 1/2 cup of quinoa, add 1/2 cup of water, salt to taste and pressure on high for 1 minute. You need to let it slow release, so it takes about 15 minutes overall, but it will be perfect and you don’t need to mind the pot.

More ideas:

  • Try using my Jerk Chipotle Seasoning instead of chili powder
  • Make into ‘meatballs’ serve with a tomato pasta sauce
  • Freeze any extras you have – they hold up well and make a quick and nutritious meal. Just thaw and re-heat in a pan or microwave. Add frozen to a meatless pasta sauce