New! Chipotle Chili powder

I’ve been experimenting with Chipotle Chili powder blends for many years. Now you can buy some for yourself from our store. Use it to make chili con carne, season taco fillings, create a taco sauce, grill meats and much more.

Our Chipotle Chili powder is blended from the finest ingredients, including our own Hot Smokey Chipotle we make ourselves from Ontario jalapenos. We marry that with imported ancho, guajillo and cascabel chilies and top quality Mexican oregano, cumin and garlic. Each batch is processed and blended by hand, then sealed in a convenient 30g zip-lock packet to preserve freshness.

In Mexican cuisine, a myriad of different types of chilies are used to make all types of regional dishes. Ripened chilies are dried and often smoked, developing complex flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, every type of chili has a distinct flavour and heat profile, some mild and others fiery hot. To use them they are typically toasted a bit, then ground into spice powder or re-hydrated to make adobos. marinades and dressings.

Unfortunately, it’s rare to find quality chilies in Canadian supermarkets, but a high quality chili powder is the next best thing. Few of us have the time or ingredients to start from scratch anyhow. When cooking with Chili powder, you’ll extract maximum flavour by heating it in a little oil or on browning meat before adding any liquid ingredients. Make the aroma bloom!

Chipotle chili powder closeup
Bluewater Pepper Farm Chipotle chili powder

Our Chipotle Chili powder produces mild heat, but you can kick it up with more chipotle, hot sauce, cayenne, etc. There’s no salt added, so you control the seasoning.

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