Hot Smokey Chipotle from the Bluewater Pepper Farm

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Our signature Hot Smokey Chipotle packs a real punch. Buy it direct here.

My signature Hot Smokey Chipotle powder is made from fresh ripe red jalapeños grown in Huron County, Ontario by our partner, Masse Fruit and Vegetable Farm.

Use this powder to add a kick of smoke and spice to whatever you’re cooking. Make your own spice blends or just add a bit to liven up the mixes already on your spice rack. The uniquely rich flavour profile of my chipotle is achieved through slow-smoking over charcoal with apple wood chips.

One other thing – this product has only 1 ingredient – the smoked jalapeños you want! Every 40 g bottle concentrates the flavour from more than 1 pound of peppers. A little goes a long way. You can buy other chipotle products, but be sure to read the label – in many cases, you’ll be paying for salt and other common ingredients you already have.

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Hot Smokey Chipotle powder
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I really value your feedback, so if you’ve tried any of my samples leave a review. Good, bad or indifferent, let me know your honest opinion. I’m especially keen to hear about any creative (and delicious) uses you’ve found for my Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle powder.

What is Chipotle?

Chipotle is a traditional Mexican method to preserve jalapeño peppers using slow-smoking and drying.

In a nutshell, chipotle is a ripe red jalapeño pepper that’s smoked and dried. Hardwood smoke added to the natural sweet and heat from the pepper produces a truly amazing flavour.

This whole project started as a hobby. I’m a keen vegetable gardener. My husband and I love spicy food. Every winter we visit Mexico, the homeland of chilies where I like nothing more than exploring the local food markets.

ripe jalapenos
Ripe chipotles just started smoking

Put all that together and I’m growing a lot of peppers in my modest set of raised beds. What to do with a bumper crop? Make chipotle of course!

To be honest, if you’d asked me 10 years ago “what’s chipotle?”, you would have gotten a pretty vague answer. Now, I’m a believer (maybe even a bit obsessed).

dried chipotle chilies
. . . and here they are after I dehydrate them

As for pronunciation, check out this Youtube clip. The ‘t’ is almost silent, but not quite.

I grind mine into a powder that I use in meat rubs, fish seasoning, hummus, soups, stews and bbq sauces. Look for Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle. A little goes a long way! You’d think the food was on the smoker for hours.