Cranny Pepper Sauce


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*Think of this as the “All Canadian” hot sauce.  Our Cranny Pepper Sauce is naturally fermented in small batches.  A balance of savoury, sweet, acid and mild heat makes this sauce the perfect complement for everything  from turkey to tacos.

Featuring Muskoka cranberries, Huron County sweet and hot peppers,  Ontario maple syrup and spices, I think you’ll find this sauce highly addictive.

If you’re a bit shy of the hot stuff, this is the sauce for you.  Buy it along with our fiery Hellfire Habanero and Chipotle Madness so everyone at the table can choose their own degree of heat.

5 oz/ 147 ml bottles

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Weight .25 kg

Muskoka Cranberries, Huron County peppers, Ontario maple syrup, brine, spices, sodium benzoate

gluten free

gluten free


suitable for vegan diets


147 ml/ 5 oz bottle


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