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I created Bluewater Pepper Farm to share my passion for chili peppers, spices and great home-cooked food. First of all, I should tell you I don’t own or operate an actual farm. This whole thing started out as a hobby, just me making my own chipotle powder, spice blends and hot sauce, sharing them with friends and family. People seemed to really like it and so I decided to try selling the stuff.

There really is an Ontario town called Bluewater and my partner and I enjoy spending time there, especially during gardening season from spring to late in the fall. Figuring out how to use the produce from our own garden has been a great adventure and a constant source of pleasant surprise.

A surplus of jalapeƱos led me to tinker with smoking them (over a fire, that is). After years of that, I got to a product that I’m now proud to offer for sale . . .

Hot Smokey Chipotle bpf001-030
My signature Hot Smokey Chipotle packs a real punch. Buy it online along with our other spices and hot sauces.

My Hot Smokey Chipotle and Sweet Smoked Paprika are made from fresh ripe red Ontario-grown peppers from our partner, Masse Fruit and Vegetable Farm. You can also buy my Jerk seasoning, Chili powder, hot sauces, Mexican chilies and oregano. Watch for more new products coming soon!

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