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Whole leaf oregano or Mexican oregano is from the lemon verbena plant, native to Latin America.  It’s widely used in Latin food from South America to Mexico.  Although it’s a totally different plant from Mediterranean oregano it has a nearly identical flavour profile.  It has a slightly stronger, earthy taste that’s central to lots of Latin cooking.

This authentic product is difficult to find in Canada, but we’re pleased to offer it here at Bluewater Pepper Farm.  This lovely oregano has been carefully processed to remove stems and powder.  Like all Bluewater Pepper Farm spices, it comes in a convenient, zip-lock packet for guaranteed freshness.  28g is roughly 1 cup of oregano, so it will go a long way.

We incorporate this same oregano in our Bluewater Pepper Farm Chipotle Chili powder.  Use it to make chipotles in adobo and other authentic dressings, marinades and adobos.

Used in soups, the whole leaves expand for a nice visual.  The stronger taste of this oregano holds it’s own in spicy dishes too.  You can also buy whole Ancho and Guajillo Chilies from us to create your own tastes of Mexico!

Origin:  Mexico / 28 grams

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