Sweet Smoked Paprika


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Our Sweet Smoked Paprika is one of a kind.  We slow smoke beautiful locally grown shepherd peppers over apple wood and maple to produce a deep smoky flavour.  Combine the smoke with the natural sweetness of the peppers, and this is a paprika you’ll want to use for more than just a bit of colour.

Use it on any type of savoury main or side dish, including meat, fish, poultry, veggies and more (my personal favourite is salmon).  This spice is an awesome addition to your own rubs and spice blends.

It comes in an eco-friendly, 30 g zip-lock packet sealed for freshness.  Because we don’t use anti-caking additives, this spice will tend to be a bit clumpy, but just break it up using a spoon in a small bowl when you use it.

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suitable for vegan diets

gluten free

gluten free


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