Hot Smokey Chipotle powder

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Artisanal chipotle powder from locally grown Ontario jalapeños

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If you enjoy a smokey BBQ flavour with a fiery kick, you’ll love Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle powder.  Use this spice in rubs, stews, soups, dips and more to lend an intense sweet smokey flavour and spice.  Chipotle chilies are a favourite ingredient in Mexican cuisine, used whole, ground and in sauces / adobos.

For a Canadian twist, we make Bluewater Pepper Farm Hot Smokey Chipotle powder using only the freshest ripe jalapeños grown locally in Huron County, Ontario by our partner, Masse Fruit and Vegetable Farm.  Apple wood smoke augments the natural sweetness and heat from the peppers.  You get concentrated flavour too – 1 kg of fresh peppers makes just 3 x 30 gram packs of spice!

You can buy my spices right here.  They are packaged in a convenient stand-up pouch with a zip lock seal for guaranteed freshness.

Origin: Canada / 30 grams

Additional information

Weight .033 kg

100% jalapeño peppers

gluten free




3 reviews for Hot Smokey Chipotle powder

  1. Andrew Pajot (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this blend! Perfect on my grilled chicken or added to a sauce. Nice kick to it. Just the way I like it.

    • Dan

      That’s awesome Andrew.

  2. Thai Luu (verified owner)

    I put the hot Smokey chipotle powder in almost everything I eat! It has the right mix of smokiness and hot “zing” balance infused into my food – quite addictive, in a good way! Definitely something I’d bring with me everywhere I go.
    PS: Dan provides exceptional service for end to end order experience.

    • Dan

      Great to hear Thai!

  3. Aidan & Family

    The spice was exceptionally good, especially when combined with scrambled eggs. We will most definitely be continuing to use this amazing condiment.

    • Dan

      Although I don’t like eggs, others have told me the same. Thank you!

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