Hellfire Habanero is back!

habanero peppers close up

My new batch of Hellfire Habanero hot sauce is in the bottle and it’s as fiery and funky as ever. Made from 100% Ontario habaneros and serrano type chilies, you can use this sauce on just about anything. A little bit goes a long way!

Hellfire hot sauce photo
Hellfire Habanero sauce adds fire to any dish

This sauce is naturally fermented in small batches with just 3 ingredients – hot chilies, water and salt. Think of it as hot sauce peeled back to it’s essence. The lacto-fermentation produces it’s own natural vinegar that lends a tangy acidity to complement your savoury dishes. Unlike sauce that is highly processed or cooked at high temperatures with added vinegar, fermentation helps retain nutrients like vitamin C.

For the best “suicide” wings, put a couple of tablespoons of Hellfire Habanero in a bowl and toss your hot grilled (or baked) wings to coat evenly. To lower the fire, simply combine some Hellfire with your favourite BBQ sauce.

To guarantee quality, every batch is bottled in a licensed commercial kitchen and safety tested by a leading government-certified laboratory.

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