New spices for your quarantine cooking

Time to shake up your spice drawer!

With so many of us in lock-down and cooking more at home, it’s a perfect time to try some new spices.  Whether you’re bored and looking for inspiration or an expert looking to expand your repertoire, I think you’ll love these Bluewater Pepper Farm spices.

Order some Hot Smokey Chipotle, a versatile Mexican inspired spice made from Ontario-grown jalapenos, smoked over apple wood chips. Use it in combination with your usual spices to add a kick of heat and smokey sweetness.

Try my Jerk Chipotle Seasoning, a balanced blend of tropical spices, and Bluewater Pepper Farm signature chipotle. Make a classic jerk marinade or use it as a rub for grilled meat and fish.

To help you get started, here’s a collection of recipe ideas. Of course you’ll find tons more great recipes online. Above all, experiment and add a little fun to your food while we’re all in quarantine.

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